Marble Vs Granite Which is better?

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ORIGINUnder intense heat and pressure Sedimentary rocks get metamorphosed into marble. Limestone and transforms into marble.  Marble mainly consists of Calcium CarbonateGranite is formed by solidification and cooling of Magma deep within the earth. It is an igneous rock from the cooling down of molten Magma. 
APPEARANCEVeins swirl through the stone. Good looking, Elegant vein pattern and colour provide royal appearance.  Granular appearance and flecking throughout the stone.   
COLOURAvailable in numerous colours and patternsLarge variety of colours are available 
COMPOSITIONCalcareous stones, mainly calcium carbonate, travertine, lime stone and onyxGranite consists of silica, feldspar, quartz, slate and sand stone. 
DURABILITYLess durable when comparing with graniteHighly durable 
STRENGTHHardness 3 to 5 Mohs scaleHardness 6 to 7 Mohs scale 
POROSITYThe metamorphic attributes of marble results in porosity hence it is softer and highly porousHard and solid 
FORMATIONMarble originates as limestone and transforms into marble due to intense heat and pressure.Molten and formed as a cooled deep within crest 
RESISTANCE TO FOOD AND ACIDSensitive to acidsMostly resistant 
STAIN RESISTANTProne to staining, some foods or liquids such as tomato sauce, wine, juice, lemons and vinegar will absorb into marble and cause permanent staining. The material can be damaged by spilling any acidic products.  Mostly resistant, the extreme density of granite makes it capable of resisting all stains from foods and liquids. Even acidic liquids like vinegar will not permeate granite with good sealant   
FADING OF COLOURSusceptible to fadingResistant to fading 
HEATSusceptible to heatResistant to heat 
USESAdvisable for less traffic area. Flooring, cladding. Kitchen top, Counter top, table top etc (with sealant and regular maintenance)Suitable for highly traffic areas, flooring, cladding, Kitchen top, Counter top, table top etc 
SEALANTApplication twice in a yearOnce in a year 
CLEANING LIQUIDDamaged by cleaning liquid, Clean sealed marble counters regularly with plain soapy water to keep the surfaces clean and beautiful. Rinse away the soap completely.  Not damaged by cleaning liquid, 
SCRATCH RESISTANCEScratches can be made with knifeScratch resistant 
WATERPROOFINGWaterproofing has to be done to back side and other four edges before laying and cladding.Waterproofing has to be done to back side and other four edges before laying and cladding. 
COSTSlightly higher than Granite. Price varies based on pattern and availabilityPrice varies based on pattern and availability 
RECOMMENDATIONMarble is recommendable due beautiful patternGranite will be better option by considering durability 
Resale valueHigher than Ceramic flooringHigher than Marble flooring 

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