Comparison between aluminium and upvc windows

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1Life20-30 yearsmore than 45 years
2CORROSIONResistant to corrosionPower coated aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion
3Thermal efficiencyHigh, poor conductor of heatLow, but double glazed with air gap will reduce the thermal transmission. Aluminium is a high conductor of heat.
4New technologyEnergy efficiency A++Energy efficiency A++
5Security of uPVC and aluminium windowsSameSame
6Sound proofingSameSame
7Aesthetic appearanceBigger frames than aluminiumSlimmer frames
9Colour Wide range of colours with powder coating, different colours can be provided internal and external
11FireDoes not promote fireHigh melting temperature
12OperationNo noiseMake noise while in operation
13WeightLight weightLight weight
14ExpansionNo expansion or contractionHigh thermal expansion. Never notice any distortion due to rubber beadings
15Termite resistanceResistant to termiteResistant to termite
16UV ResistanceStarts colour change after 10 to 15 yearsResistant to Ultra violet rays
17Accessories fixingDamages are not repairableRepairable
18Eco friendlinessEco friendlyEco friendly
19Scrap valueLowHigh
20Effect of moistureNo effectNo visible effect. Water with higher PH may attack.
21RecyclingPossibleAny number of times

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